Furminator Deshedding tool



Designed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb, or rake, this innovative tool works effectively for all shedding breeds of dogs and cats, both long- and short-haired. It addresses the issue of the undercoat, which can become a dense mess of loose, dead hair and the major source of shedding, and the allergies and cleanliness problems that come with it.

The revolutionary grooming device utilizes a unique stainless-steel edge that grabs loose undercoat hair and quickly and easily removes it, without damaging the topcoat. It actually brings out the pet’s natural oils, leaving a shiny and healthy topcoat.

The pet will enjoy the feeling the de-shedding tool provides, and caretakers will appreciate the results. Used by veterinarians and recommended by doctors for people who have allergies, the tool is proven to decrease shedding by 60 to 80 percent for about four to six weeks.

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